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Cathy Mott, Transformational Life Coach

In her career as a business professional committed to understanding and advancing both industrial psychology and personal development, Cathy Mott has developed scalable internal processing systems for growth-oriented companies in various management roles, alongside providing coaching on an individual basis to organizations’ employees–each with the express purpose of measurably increasing results. Cathy brings a unique combination of interpersonal skills and attention to detail that has proven well-suited for merging her business knowledge with her desire to coach high-level performance. She purposefully engages each client in conversation, using her well-trained ear in a process of first revealing barriers, then empowering him or her to break through them toward new achievements in a powerful way.

Cathy previously directed the business operations at Integrated Data Storage, playing an integral role in the company’s rapid growth, including one year where the company doubled its size in a 12 month period. While there, she created and implemented innovative systems that helped facilitate the business’s expansion while retaining its focus on customer service, making it into an award-winning leader in the Commercial Storage Area Network arena.

Prior to working in the data storage industry, Cathy worked as an Area Manager and a regional HR Manager at an international restaurant chain. A native of Illinois, Cathy Mott has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

When Cathy isn’t working she spends time with her daughter and husband traveling. Her passion is being with people who desire to transform themselves into their best!

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