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Cultivating Serenity in the Workplace and BeyondCultivating Serenity in the Workplace and Beyond The serenity prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous says that the key to serenity is accepting what you cannot change, changing what you can, and possessing the wisdom to know the...

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Speak Like a ProSpeak Like a Pro There are numerous books on public speaking, all offering valuable information and different angles on the topic. To speak like a pro, keep these tips in mind: Plan Start...

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Benefits of Laughter at WorkBenefits of Laughter at Work Stronger Connections Laughter breaks down barriers, builds relationships and allows for better communication among coworkers. People with a sense of humor often have the...

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Do What You Love!

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Coaching Tips…

Ask for what you want. Don’t assume that people know what you want or need in that moment and don’t make people guess what you want. It’s not a puzzle for them to figure out. This is a simple, yet often overlooked tip for getting what you want, asking.

Take Action! ”You can’t steal first base and keep your foot on first.” -Frederick Wilcox. Don’t wait until you feel more confident about your request; you become confident as a result of making the request, or doing the job. You gain skills in the face of doing something. Be willing to practice and take action.

Smile. Inside the first 2 seconds of greeting someone. It’s the quickest, most effective way of building instantaneous rapport.

You’re most attractive when you are living your passions. Do what you love!

When do You Feel Most Alive?

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Feed Your Mind!

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Laughing is Good for You!

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“The arrival of a good clown into a village does more for its health than 20 asses laden with drugs,” observed Thomas Sydenham, a 17th century British physician, who may have been the first doctor to recommend laughter as the best medicine.

Executives and managers today are increasingly acknowledging that laughter is good not only for personal health and well-being, but for career success and overall workplace wellness as well. Around the office, laughter can motivate and facilitate team building, improve stress management, and increase productivity and morale.

In other words, business can (and should) be a laughing matter.

What do I Feel Inspired and Ready to do Today?

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Stop the Negative Self-Talk

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Think about an area in your life where your self-talk is not supporting you or your well-being. Replace the negative self-talk with thoughts that demonstrate self-love and confidence in being who you are.

Lighten Up!

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Are You Playing at a 10 Today?

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Overwhelm-Busting Strategies (Practices)

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…And continuing with Tuesday’s post, a few practices you can adopt…


A practice of any kind can keep you tethered to yourself in those times when overwhelm wants to scatter your energy to the wind. Regularly repeated, these practices are best cultivated in times when things are going well so that they are there to sustain you when you get overwhelmed. Some examples:

• Say a small prayer, read a meditation book or recite a poem each morning to greet the day.

• Walk the dog while whispering all the things for which you forgive yourself.

• Write in a journal as fast as you can for 15 minutes first thing in the morning without editing or judging. Pour it all out on paper.

• Do the “Salute to the Sun” yoga postures every morning after arising.

Things to do today: 

1.            Inhale

2.            Exhale

3.            Inhale

4.            Exhale

5.            Inhale

6.            Exhale

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