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Listening BlocksListening Blocks Having spent more than 20 years training business people in listening skills, Richard Anstruther and his team of communication experts at HighGain, Inc., have identified five...

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The Importance of Follow-ThroughThe Importance of Follow-Through Whether you’re learning to swing a golf club, baseball bat or tennis racquet, coaches always emphasize the importance of follow-through. It’s not just hitting the ball...

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Cultivating Serenity in the Workplace and BeyondCultivating Serenity in the Workplace and Beyond The serenity prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous says that the key to serenity is accepting what you cannot change, changing what you can, and possessing the wisdom to know the...

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Speak Like a ProSpeak Like a Pro There are numerous books on public speaking, all offering valuable information and different angles on the topic. To speak like a pro, keep these tips in mind: Plan Start...

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Benefits of Laughter at WorkBenefits of Laughter at Work Stronger Connections Laughter breaks down barriers, builds relationships and allows for better communication among coworkers. People with a sense of humor often have the...

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Success Stories

Eli, Chicago, IL

“Cathy is a true expert in her field. Her ability to identify the source of what is holding her clients back from success is unbelievable. I highly recommend Cathy to anyone that is looking to do extraordinary things in their career and life!!”

  Zach, Indianapolis, IN

“Cathy has been my partner in my own transformational journey to achieve both personal and business results. I found Cathy to be incredibly intuitive, patient, and results focused. She is able to get to the heart of the matter and give tangible actions. We have regular follow-up sessions that continue to hold me accountable. Cathy is a tremendous Transformational Coach.”

Donna, Denver, CO

“Cathy is an adept, insightful personal coach. She is an expert at helping me find where my blind spots and coaching me to maximum effectiveness. I highly recommend Cathy.”

Kim, Houston, TX

Matthew, Chicago, IL

“I experienced Cathy as a transformational coach who is authentic, compassionate and has an ability to fearlessly look into the well of a person’s past and present in order that she may help them facilitate positive and sustainable change. I highly recommend Cathy for personal and business coaching.”

Tiffany, Chicago, IL

“Cathy’s coaching has helped me to make a huge transformation in both my personal and professional life. She is results oriented and has helped me to focus on who I am, who want to be and how I’m going to get there. Cathy’s unique approach helps me to reach outcomes that are tangible and measurable while ensuring that I realize that I’m accountable for what happens (or doesn’t happen) in my life. At the end of each conversation with Cathy, I feel completely empowered and clear about the person that I want to be in order to reach my highest potential and accomplish my personal and professional goals. Changing my perspective and shifting my paradigms has allowed me to see many possibilities that I previously didn’t think were achievable.”

Vaughn, Chicago, IL

“Cathy Mott is a powerful Life Coach. I have been working with Cathy for a number of months now and the work she has guided me through and supported me with has had a significant impact on my day-to-day life and also on my business. The depth and breadth of her knowledge is significant. The immediate feedback from the process is incredibly impactful.”

Ann, Chicago, IL

“I have hired Cathy several times throughout the past year. I hired Cathy to provide personal coaching for professional business purposes. I cannot say enough about Cathy and her professionalism. For each meeting Cathy was very prepared and was able to provide me with excellent professional advice and guidance. I implemented many of her suggestions in my business day and was able to achieve unprecedented sales results! I was able to do this, in large part, because of Cathy’s unwavering support and guidance her coaching provided! I would highly recommend Cathy any time. In fact, I will continue to use Cathy throughout my business career. Knowing her and working with her has been terrific.”

Kathy, Chicago, IL

“Cathy is dedicated to helping you create new possibilities in your life. She is authentic, open and personable. I could go on forever with all of the positive qualities I would use to describe her. If you are looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, I strongly recommend working with Cathy.”

Lauren, Kansas City, KS

 ”With the help of Cathy Mott, my life has been forever changed. The work Cathy does is so unbelievably powerful that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not being open to working with her!”

Shawn, Chicago, IL

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